Lee Leatherman

A magic board is kind of like a magic surf session, an idyllic and ephemeral grail of sorts. It’s something we as surfers are always searching for, maybe thinking or dreaming about. As a shaper, I am always striving to create that magic sled, those magic feelings. There are so many important technical and manufacturing aspects go into the processes of design and build, but to me, the most important element is intuition, which is more subjective and feeling based. And the only way to develop intuition is to be open to experience and to learn from experience. In order to make something magic, it has to be ALIVE. That’s why it’s so important to have a relationship between surfer and shaper. …why it’s so important for me to use my hands, my experience, my knowledge and my intuition while shaping every one of my boards. …why it’s so important to have good relationships and open communication with my mentors, my crew of surfers, my suppliers, my glasser, and with YOU. Shaping killer boards is my grail and I’d love to be on that search for magic with YOU.